East Coast Drift

Our gift shop is open during office hours, featuring locally made gifts and souvenirs.  From cosy winter beanies to delightful shell jewellery, handy tea towels and oven mitts in a caravan theme, and gorgeous caravan themed totes.  All of our stock is handmade in Swansea by local craftspersons.  

Our winter Beanies are handknitted in pure wool. Some feature accents of silk sari yarn, a recycled product made from the offcut threads of Indian silk saris.  

Handcrafted resin souvenirs and jewellery, all feature tiny shells collected from local beaches.  A true souvenir of Swansea

Gorgeous caravan themed accessories for the kitchen or shopping.  The small tote is fully lined and features internal and external pockets.  The large tote is ideal as a beach bag or shopper.